C I T Y    V I E W    9 - 11      

      This posting consists of scanned copies of correspondence sent to the photographer of the above image.
      This, and 37 additional photos, were submitted to the NIST (US Government) during the course of their investigation of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Apparently attorneys using the FOIA Freedom of Information Act have compelled the NIST to contact all the various photographers who submitted their own eyewitness images to the US Government. Click the links below to view more and read on.

    wtc foia_1 foia_2 foia_3 foia_4 foia_5 foia_6 foia_7 foia_8 foia_9 foia_10 foia_11 foia_12 foia_13 foia_14

    All rights remain reserved by the photographer, and no unauthorized commercial use or reproduction for sale may be made without the express written approval of the photographer (Joseph Quinn).

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