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a r c h i v e d    l i n k   c o l l e c t i o n

International Interest Section

The topics and subject matter covered here would be of interest to:
  • expatriates in general
  • individual shippers and families planning to move abroad
  • Int'l HR-relocation planners
  • businessmen & women involved in international trade
  • diplomatic and government trade representatives
  • international exchange participants
  • groups and individuals interested in promoting cultural awareness

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SEFCO's On-line Guide
- Expat Resources -

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Greenport, Long Island, NY

Helping you find your way...

Special features for the Expat Community

Dutch Windmills
over Manhattan

official symbol of New York City

42nd Street - Park Avenue
Grand Central Station NYC

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Arriving from Abroad; planning to move to the USA?
click here-visit NYC's Official Tourism WebSite
Welcome to America
The acclaimed site by Roger Johnson.

Quote/unquote: People often ask me, "who are you?".
So I tell them. "I'm Roger Johnson, the worlds first self proclaimed welcome sign photography expert."

Communities and societies

American Citizens Abroad
Founded in Geneva in 1978, ACA has members in over 90 countries.
Read sample e-newsletter: Sept 2007

ACA newsletter

ACA credits
Fun and informative!
Here's an excerpt from the ACA newsletter...

Where on earth can you find anything as cool as ?
Those equipped and willing to download and install free software and to use it while online can treat themselves to views ranging from outer space to identifying-your-car close of many locations round the world. Particularly good for North America. You can dip and swoop around the target address you provide. Pretty amazing stuff."

Overseas Teachers Digest
The virtual home for American teachers abroad
And: wwteach For the K-12 int'l school community

Contact Expats. An expats lifestyle can sometimes be a lonely existence, not knowing anyone in a new location.
Find people in your region, and let them open up the area to you.

Escape Artist
over 2,500 pgs of resources for expats & freedom seekers. Leads on int'l jobs, guidance for life in general

70 independent clubs, 15,000 members in 32 countries
the Federation of American Womens Clubs Overseas

Expatriates in Germany
Living and working how-to's. Everyday language, Expat-friendly links on communication, education, companies, government and entertainment in Germany. Also see: German-American links and: German-Way

Presenting Mr. John Pollard's
Your bookmark to Belgium!

Living and working in Ireland
What you need to know.

Swiss - American Organizations
Expat links in Switzerland
Also check this out this site: Swiss Info

Moscow Expats
Includes the Moscow Expat Survival Guide. Presented by Nicholas Pilugin.
Read an excerpt from their discussion group.

Return to India
Portal for the NRI community
An online community focused squarely on Taiwan. The "ultimate online exchange that allows Taiwan's real-life global community to help one another."
Meet the largest community of expatriates moving to and living in Europe. Information for Americans Abroad and British Abroad.

Expat Access
The leading site for expatriates. Practical tools, information and assistance for individuals relocating internationally. 15000+ visitors a month.
Human Resources managers responsible for relocating staff worldwide will find assistance and information on taxes, benefits and compensation, relocation policies and other related articles.

Easy Expat

Expat World
The newsletter of international living - link page

Expat network links
Oil & gas industry-oriented site

Outpost Expat
Sponsored by Shell International for their employees around the world.
"We give our children the world."

News, community and advice for expatriates.
Welcome to a virtual Netherlands.

For expats in Belgium, Holland and elsewhere in Europe

Get some SUN
Spouses' Underground Network, resources for expatriates.


Publishing & Orientation

"When abroad - do as the local children do. Ori's guide for young expats," by Hilly van Swol-Ulbrich and Bettina Kaltenhäuser
Welcome to CONSULTus
Expatriate Briefings & Intercultural Seminars GmbH, Germany
Inter Cultural specialists for families on international assignments

BR Anchor
Valuable resources on moving, for HR managers and planners. Recognized authority on international relocation

Hello! USA
A very useful book on everyday living for international residents and visitors to the States. Website: Author: Judy Priven

see their list of books

Tales from a Small Planet
On-line magazine; literature, message boards.

American Citizens Abroad (ACA)
Book Reviews - By accessing via the ACA web site, ACA will get a small sales commission on every purchase you make during that visit -- at no extra expense to you!

Books on Culture Shock
*Coming home *Crossing cultures *China
*A wifes guide *Am I ready?
*The Japanese overseas *Survival kit
*The Adventure *A womans guide
*Your family *Managing transition
*Living & working in France
available from

Sefco's Reading Room:
Taiwan ROC and the UN

Read Expat Forum's current selection of books.

AFSA publications

Ex Librus - From the Library of...
AFSA publications

Book Reviewer meets Editor
Book reviewer David Casavis meets AFSA Editor, Shawn Dorman. Photo taken at AFSA headquarters, Washington, D.C. - Read article from Sept 2004 Foreign Service Journal [click here]

buy the book
Book reviews and special features, courtesy of
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

News and views - via the internet
Americans Abroad > US expat alerts
See current USG notices
    Sign up to receive free USG news updates via email

    ------------- SAMPLE ANNOUNCEMENT -------------

    From: CA, Travel Info
    Subject: Ecuador Public Announcement

    Ecuador Public Announcement

    This Public Announcement is to alert Americans that the security situation in Quito remains unsettled following the April 20 removal of Ecuador's president. There have been no reports of disruptions in the rest of the country, and both the U.S. Embassy in Quito and the U.S. Consulate in Guayaquil remain open. This Public Announcement expires on May 31, 2005.
    After a week of increasingly confrontational protests and demonstrations, the President of Ecuador was removed from office, and the Vice-President took the oath of office on April 20, 2005. The protests, centered in Quito, may abate, but the possibility exists that they may continue. American citizens should avoid large crowds and demonstrations and minimize travel in the city.
    Demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence. American citizens are therefore urged to avoid areas of demonstrations if possible, and to exercise caution in the vicinity of any demonstrations. Seek reliable sources of information for news of demonstrations, protests and other activities that may impact your safety and security.

    For updated information on the protests in Quito, please call the Embassy at 011-593-2-256-2890 X4510 during working hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) For emergency services after hours, please call 011-593-2-223-4126 or 256-1749.
    For the latest security information, Americans living and traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs Internet web site at, where the current Worldwide Cautions, Public Announcements, and Travel Warnings can be found. Up-to-date information on security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the U.S., or, for callers outside the U.S. and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).

    for State Department Travel Warnings

    further reading...
    Sefco Export: security precautions
    historical perspective: wardens message for US Expats (Moscow-03)


    March - Valid May 2005

    This Travel Warning is being issued to warn U.S. citizens of the dangers of travel to Haiti due to the volatile security situation, even though the authorized departure for non-emergency personnel and family members of U.S. Embassy personnel has been lifted. This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning issued October 14, 2004.

    Americans are reminded of the potential for spontaneous demonstrations and violent confrontations between armed groups. Visitors and residents must remain vigilant due to the absence of an effective police force in much of Haiti; the potential for looting; the presence of intermittent roadblocks set by armed gangs or by the police; and the possibility of random violent crime, including kidnapping, car-jacking, and assault.

    Travel can be hazardous within Port-au-Prince. Some areas are off-limits to embassy staff, including downtown Port-au-Prince after dark. The embassy has imposed a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., which could change periodically. Staff members must remain in their homes or in U.S. government facilities during the hours covered by the curfew. The embassy has limited travel by its staff outside of Port-au-Prince and the ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens outside of Port-Au-Prince remains extremely limited. U.S. businesses continue to operate in Haiti, but take special precautions to protect their facilities and personnel. The UN stabilization force (MINUSTAH) is fully deployed and is assisting the government of Haiti in providing security. They have challenged violent gangs and have moved into some gang enclaves.

    U.S. citizens who travel to or remain in Haiti despite this Travel Warning must remain vigilant with regard to their personal security and are strongly advised to register either online at or come to the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince and enroll in the warden system (emergency alert network) to obtain updated information on travel and security in Haiti. The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy can be reached at (509) 223-7011, the fax number is (509) 223-9665 and the e-mail address is Travelers should also consult the Department of State's latest Consular Information Sheet for Haiti and Worldwide Caution Public Announcement at American citizens may also obtain up-to-date information on security conditions by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the United States or Canada or 1-202-501-4444 from overseas. In Haiti citizens can call 509/222-0200 ext. 2000.

    Sefco Export's Security Review: "Safe and Sound"

Peruse a wide spectrum of articles published in periodicals like
The International Herald Tribune (IHT)

Read expat oriented news: click here to read articles


Healthcare, Insurance

Sefco's Expat Resources: Medivac / Travel Insurance
Public information obtained via the US Embassy website (Valetta, Malta).

Medibroker International
Specialising in providing Private Medical Insurance cover to expatriates living or working abroad regardless of country or nationality. Free advice and free quotations.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC health information for international travel

Identifies health-related online publications, web sites, Gov't agencies and support groups -based in San Francisco, the Association for Safe International Road Travel - the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene - - and the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers -

International SOS
A leading medical assistance company, with online health reports available to members.

The Drs Reference site
* Travel Medicine and * Travel Health Online

Innovative Benefits Consultants
A consultant and broker for international life and health insurance programmes targeted to expatriates and the internationally-mobile community. NY-London-Singapore, contact: Paul Wolf at


Finance and Taxes

Expat Financial
Brokers a wide range of international life, health, travel, disability plans and investment products for expatriates and their employers around the world.
Contact: David Tompkins
Toll Free: 800-232-9415

furikomi, means bank transfer in Japanese
Send a wire transfer from Japan using Yucho, Japan's postal bank

Dean Demos, CPA - Demos Tax Consulting, Stamford, CT - Tel: 203-328-3714, Fax: 203-547-6204 fax. Specializes in providing tax consulting services to people with relocation tax issues and high net-worth individuals. One of the more stressful aspects of relocation is learning about all of the various tax issues related to the move. Demos Tax Consulting's motto is "we take your tax headache away!"
We would like to provide Sefco Export customers with one of our tax booklets (PDF) that explains the basics of what they need to know.
click here to access FREE COPY of Expat Tax booklet 1) US Expatriates: Tax Considerations & Planning Tips (accessible online!)
2) Non-US Citizens in the US: Tax Considerations & Planning Tips
3) Domestic Relocation: Tax Considerations & Planning Tips


Real estate & Relocation

Welcome to Tuscany, Italy!
Lore Living Services specializes in providing you with a broad range of practical services in order to facilitate adjustment to life in a new environment. Our business offers various assistance packages, from full resettlement to organizing short-term stays in these breathtaking surroundings.

Looking for a home in the USA? Real Estate HOME BUYERS deserve equal representation

The Corporate Housing Connection
Hundreds of professionally screened housing opportunities throughout the US and abroad

Home exchange and apartment exchange international and national

International Real Estate Digest
The world directory connects you to over 30,000 real estate web-sites



the place to buy 220-volt, dual voltage, multi-system electronics. PAL, Secam, NTSC, more. Log-on to their on-line catalog. Contact: Jay Bernstein Tel: 1-800-317-6945

Franklin Electric
This useful site tells you what plugs work where, at what voltage, worldwide.

World electric power guide
Quick, comprehensive review.

Illuminating Comments
Snippets of information about whether appliances from the US will work overseas.



Are you an expat located far from home shores, yet have a craving for popular products - from Holland, America, Japan, Britain, India, Indonesia and beyond? Use Sefco as your "export/expat concierge". We provide p/a purchasing agent services, warehouse receiving, consolidatoin and overseas delivery services. [See:p/a-buyer program]

These are a few of our favorite things...
Have a vendor you would like to recommend? Tell us about it!
We are always looking for new and interesting items to showcase on our web site.


Language, Translations
Cross-cultural education and more...

SEFCO's free online translator
Rough, quick and easy to use. Instantly translate text or an entire webpage. Over 55 translation options. Link to hundreds of on-line foreign language dictionaries.

Sefco Export: Mudanzas Internacionales En Espanol
Sefco Japan: Nihongo

Corporate translation services
contact: Mr. Radovan Dzurcanin - Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 6678818   Fax: +353 1 6961166   Email:
Translation from English into any of the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French for France, Georgian, German for Austria, German for Germany, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Kyrghiz, Muldovian, Polish, Portuguese for Brazil, Portuguese for Portugal, Romanian, Russian, Spanish for Latin America, Spanish for Spain, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Dutch interpretation
contact: Mr. Wouter Wessel - NY, New York

Language Translation Service - Translation in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Japanese and others
We provide accurate and fast translation service at affordable price all over the world!

New to the US? Here's how you get in touch...
American Ways & Language fast track
For visiting international managers and newcomers beginning American assignments. Private tutorials, immersion to American culture and spoken word. Email: Roberta Rettner, M.A., Director. In Manhattan Tel: 212-725-1638

Cesky-Czech, English, Russian, French
Professional European conference interpretation available to users in North America. Top-notch interpreting.

Magnum Group, Inc. is a full-service foreign-language communications company.
The company maintains its project management office in Philadelphia, a video production studio in New York City, and project coordinators in Spain and Argentina. Contact: Tatiana Gadea, Phone: 917-292-5225

Helping the world communicate... Berlitz
Valuable one-on-one cross-cultural training sessions, geared toward lifestyle and practical business issues. Contact: Cheryl Foster   Direct Tel: 609-514-3171 for details.

Accent on Languages
Technical, legal & business translations, localizers and interpreters - Berkeley, CA - Paris

Instituto Cervantes
A public institution founded by the Spanish Gov't to promote knowledge of language and cultures of Spanish speaking countries. It is the largest worldwide Spanish teaching organization.

Alliance Francaise
Worldwide network of organizations dedicated to education, understanding and promotion of French language and culture.

IOR World
Visit the web site of this leading, Chicago-based cross-cultural training institute.
Word of the Day

online educational games and quizzes
Take a Quia Quiz
Activities in 15 languages, from Spanish, French, and German to Chinese, Turkish, and Esperanto

Moving to or from Japan?
Have a look:

Study spoken language in Japan.
In Tokyo EMS English English language school (Tokyo)
Read introductory message: click here

Em's means its easy to learn
English Language learning and US-Japan Home Stay Exchanges

    Free English language help:

Special features: Japan Expat Resources in New York City, NY
Japanese newspapers, magazines, travel agencies, supermarkets, book stores, inexpensive language schools, internet links to the Consulate General and a comprehensive guidebook for Japanese in the US.
Also see: Sefco Export's Japan Guide
Language resources: Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary Server

Study in the USA:

A F International School of Languages Inc. - "Your English School in Southern California"
    main ph: +213.381.6707, contact: Dr. Andrea M. Fuchs  
    Located in Los Angeles, and Westlake Village, California - USA

Distance learning: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT - one of the worlds top universities - allows anyone with an internet connection
to audit their classes - absolutely free of charge !
Have a look at their course list: [Free College Education] [FAQ's]

International Education & Exchange

Following featured websites are provided to you
as a courtesy of Sefco Export Management Company Inc. NYC

Air Courier Association
Air Courier
The American Community School Ltd
Boston University International Program
Bridge Lingua Tec International
BUNAC-Working Adventures Worldwide
CEDEI-Centers for InterAmerican Studies
Cross Cultural Solutions
Durrell School of Corfu
Embassy CES-English Language Training Worldwide

Thanks to Barbara Wilson, Librarian at for this link suggestion!

Experiment in International Living
Friends World Program
Global Exchange
Global TESOL Institute
Hamilton College/France
Hamilton College/Spain
Hamline University Grad School of Education
Hess Educational Organization in Taiwan
IES-Study Abroad
Institute of Spanish Studies
Instituto Mexico Americano de Cultura-Spanish Language School in Guadalajara, Mexico
Intensive English Language Center, University of Nevada, Reno
International Honors Program
International House/Coast Language Academy
International Language Institute-Teach English Abroad
International TEFL
Ithaca College
IVPA-International Volunteer Program Association
Japan Center for Michigan Universities
Naropa Institude-Study Abroad
Oslo International Summer School
San Diego State University
St. Giles College San Francisco
South American Explorers-South & Central America Travel Information
Spanish American Institute [Study in New York City - SAI Student Club News]
Studio Art Center International Directories
SUNY(State University of New York) Brockport
TEFL International /Prof. Edu. Services
Things Asian-Explore the Cultures of Asia
Transworld Schools-Teach and Travel the World
Travel for Enrichment
University of Essex
University of Pennsylvania-Summer Abroad
Volunteer, Work and Teach Abroad /
Work Overseas

Have an interesting link to share?  Tell us about it!

A new job. A new country. Now what?

nyc windmills
Windmills on Broadway a one-day seminar
that prepares your new European employees
for life in the USA.   Contact: Mr. Wouter Wessel
Tel: 212-932-9446, Fax: 212-665-1819

Cross-cultural training, language instructions, translation services. Based in Manhattan.
Specializing in: Dutch - English interpretation.
   Mr. Wessel is recognized as an expert in Dutch linguistics and interpretation.

Read some observations...
      ...on working in the US compared to working in Holland: "Swapping pay for play."

See: "A Dutch Windmill in Japan"


Executive Search

Consultants in Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong
Expat oriented site dedicated to living and doing business in Indonesia.

Is your company New to New York?
Here's how you find the right people for your business.
Levine Hirshorn & Associates
Bringing together top companies in the fashion and retail industry with the best selection of qualified candidates.
Email:   Richard Hirshorn, President   In Manhattan Tel: 212-730-1388

Overseas jobs index.
Escape Artist


Out of Many, One

Immigration & Citizenship
A leading U.S. immigration portal featuring Immigration Directories, Immigration Assistant, INS Processing Times, News, Message Boards, Chat Rooms, Online Consultations, INS Forms, Immigration Newsletter, and more...

The Immigration Superhighway

BCL Immigration Services
Work permits, citizenship, immigration, dual-national passports, and investment-based nationality for desireable countries all over the world

Cleared for
U.S.A. Immigration - You've got questions. We've got answers.

Visa Law
The immigration law site of Siskind, Susser, Haas and Devine

The immigration support network

U.S. - Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
The INS Passenger Accelerated Service System (INSPASS) - reduce immigration inspection processing time for authorized travelers entering the United States

Tips for Americans residing abroad
Bureau of Consular Affairs, US Dept. of State

Federal Voting Assistance Program
Learn about absentee voting and US elections. Vote even if your live abroad.

Immigrating to the USA?
Hoping for to get a "winning spot" in the lottery?
Be careful. Read [Green Card Lottery]

Question & Answers: Featuring Alan Lee's law practice
Deals exclusively in the area of U.S. Immigration and Nationality laws and he has practiced this exclusively for 26 years. Website includes translations of the Immigration Q & A column that appears regularly in the World Journal - the largest Chinese language newspaper in North America.


Travelers Message Board

travel talk
Where do you want to go?

Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree
Thousands of postings by and for travelers to destinations all over the world

Fly on over to...
Smilin' Jack's Aviation Directory

take a tour
Explore more than 14,000 destinations

Visit Europe...
By Car.

"We get it right, one traveler at a time." is one of the largest full-service travel management firms in the USA. New corporate accounts should contact: Carol Anne Martini at


Globe-trotting Pets

pachiderm power Birds, cats, dogs, horses, elephants...
and other valued "family members"...
Useful contacts for shipping them in and out of the country.

Sefco can help you find your way home Ask us to help with your overseas move
Sefco can help you find your way home.

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