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Business Card Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
Member, Manhattan (NYC - USA) Chamber of Commerce
"We Mean Business"

worldwide shipping agents
Shipping Agents, Purchasing Agency, Consulting
Export / Import Expertise

Business and Commerce - Seminars and Special Events

Czech Trade Focus [Free Issue]
Have a look at Sefco's "Czech List" [scroll down for more]
In the News...
Estonia: the new "Delaware" of Europe?
    Estonia credits flat tax with key role in rising growth
    By Mark Landler (The New York Times, IHT)
    " ... free-market fervor and hurtling into the high-tech future, Estonia feels more like a Baltic outpost of Silicon Valley than ... "

    Sefco Export's main interest:
    Goods, Products and Commodities
    that can cross borders promptly.

    We do not provide
    local moves, domestic storage.

    Commercial Services
    Divisions: HHG/PE and Vehicle export/import
    Heavy Equipment, FAK

    O/A management and operations
    We can arrange for professional export packaging for all kinds of cargo (suitable for overseas shipping), pier deliveries, international routing and delivery, professional logistics management and consulting upon request.

    D/A management and operations
    Agent selection and cargo routing through a network of experienced D/A destination agents worldwide. Customs clearance and deliveries to interior locations worldwide. All arrangements made by specific contract only.

    GM General Management Services
    PA - Purchasing Agency
    Divisions: Communications, Trade Research/Development

    Special Projects - Public Interaction: "The Best Of" program
    "Best Of" Community Platform - Trade Research, Development and Promotion
    Building Trade Capacity for SME's Small to Medium sized business Enterprises.
    Bringing people together, connecting ideas with resources.
    Please contact our office for details.

    Export/Import operations and commercial services.
    Purchasing Agents.
    Shipping Agents.

    Special programs for
    "trade capacity building"
    Sefco - Export and Import Management
    Participate in our commercial
    Export - Import Management programs.

    Whats new? Look for our latest updates.
    What's old? Access our archives.


entrepreneurs at work

The Global Electronic Trade Association
Forum for businesses engaged in E-commerce and international trade.
Washington, DC

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Export New Hampshire
There's so much to think about when starting to export. Here are some frequently asked questions.

MSU-Michigan State CIBER
Center for International Business Education & Research. Business etiquette, country specific business information and more.

Rhode Island Export Assistance Center
Winner of the Presidents' E award for export promotion.

A basic guide to exporting
Prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce with the assistance of Unz & Co.

New! Click here to read the entire book


Welcome to Los Dos Laredos, the main crossroad of US-Mexican trade.
Laredo/Nuevo Laredo became the first “official” Port of Entry on the U.S./Mexico border in 1851. Today it is at the center of the primary trade route connecting Canada, the United States and Mexico.
For further information contact: Ike Savitt (in New York)

Free Trade Area of the Americas
Links to FTAA countries

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.
Como vai voce? Speak the language of Brasilian business.

Latin America Virtual Library.
Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America - AACCLA

click here to read Al Bawaba

Arabia On-line
Middle East's internet forum

Business Directories
Japan External Trade Oranization
JCCI: Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NY)
Build relationships and partnerships.
Sefco's special section: Japan [Guide] [Shippers] [Expats]

British American Business Inc.
UK, USA business and social exchanges

over 90 years of friendship "protect democracy, love peace, defend Taiwan"

TAITRA - Trade Point TAIWAN - Republic of China - ROC
Taipei - Economic and Cultural Office, New York, NY
News and Views:   [Asian Studies Briefing Room]   [e-taiwannews]

The Czech List: Links to the Czech Republic business community
Sefco's online guides

"Czech It Out"
Find out about upcoming business and trade related events. Sponsored by the Czech Republic commercial section, Consulate General NYC.

Featuring, The Best Of: Central America

Sefco's featured country profile

El Salvador Works (
The Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES)
Why invest in El Salvador   Strategis commercial guides: 2003 2004   Business articles: Facility City   Enterprise Works: Coffee Project   NAR - National Association of Realtors: Invest in real estate   Learn about El Salvador’s special status as the first country to pass CAFTA

Destination: Guatemala - INDUEXPO
The goal of this international convention is to promote foreign investment and increase trade in the DR-CAFTA region (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the United States of America and the Dominican Republic), within the region , as well as with the rest of the world.

Guatemala Business Resources:

El Salvador Tourism



Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
USA Gateway.

Lloyd's List
Open access to news on shipping, commodities, key indicators.
The international shipping weekly. provides access to the very latest details on the world's commercial fleet.
Updated daily the Internet Ships Register and Internet Market Fixtures are the ideal tools for keeping right up-to-date with the latest details of the world's commercial shipping fleets, and charter markets.

The "Shipper's voice"
National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), Washington, D.C.
Voluntary Guide To Good Business Relations For Shippers, Receivers, Carriers, and Drivers.
Co-sponsored by the Truckload Carriers Association.

Maritime Home Page
Logistics professionals and ocean related sites

American Nautical Services
Marine surveyors, experts on CSS-Code of Safe Practice for Stowage and Securing. Navigation instruments, charts, plotting equipment.

Weekly piracy report -includes details of the location and nature of attacks on shipping
A service of the Int'l Chamber of Commerce (Paris)- Int'l Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Center (Kuala Lumpur)


Thomas Directory of Manufacturers
Regional Database of over 480,000 manufacturers, listing 4,500+ products/services in 19 key US areas

The Euro Pages
business directory

The internets largest global business directory

US Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration
On-line trade information


Export Today
Export Today's
Global Business Online

the daily paper of the international shipping and trade industry

Clasificados de ARGENTINA
Argentine Business Directory

BISNIS Bulletin
The Business Information Service for Russia and the NIS. Includes many links to websites run by or about USG Agencies, Russian and Non-Russian States of the NIS.

The Financial Times
Where information become intelligence

The International Herald Tribune
The worlds daily newspaper

The Wall Steet Journal
Free 2-week trial subscription

All the business news, all the time
Bloomberg--includes live audio news 24 hrs/day

Online management & distribution report


Oceana Publications
Handbooks on: export trade finance, export control, embargoes, countertrade, letters of credit, and more.

Free legal research, form letters

Is E-mail an export?
"Application abroad of personal knowledge or technical experience acquired in the United States constitutes an export..."

Export Resources From UNZ
Click here to read their FAQ's on "deemed exports".

Here is an excerpt from
#1. What is the "deemed export" rule?
Answer - "An export of technology or source code (except encryption source code) is "deemed" to take place when it is released to a foreign national within the United States..."
#2. What is a "release" of technology?
Answer - "Technology is "released" for export when it is available to foreign nationals for visual inspection (such as reading technical specifications, plans, blueprints, etc.); when technology is exchanged orally; or when technology is made available by practice or application under the guidance of persons with knowledge of the technology..."
#3. What is "technology"? - #4. When do I need to apply for an export license... for technology under the "deemed export" rule? - #5. How do I know if a foreign national would be subject to the "deemed export" rule? - #6. How are individuals handled who are permanent residents or citizens of countries other than those of their nationality? - #13. What is a "deemed re-export"? #14. What technologies are subject to the Commerce Department controls?
Answer - "Generally, technologies subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) are those which are in the United States or of U.S. origin, in whole or in part. Most are proprietary. Technologies which tend to require licensing for transfer to foreign nationals are also dual-use (i.e., have both civil and military applications) and are subject to one or more control regimes..."
#15. Is software considered "technology" and is it similarly controlled? - #16. What technologies are considered "fundamental research"?
[ click here] to continue reading the FAQ's.


Economic Freedom Network
Center for International Private Enterprise. Advocacy and scholarly thought.

American Abundance

What investment is 99.999% safe?
GOLD - portfolio managers can receive further information and analysis from WGC's Mr. Richard Scott-Ram upon request.

Econometricians gather to discuss... financial strategies (Opal), emerging markets and custom crafted indices by Herb Blank- of QED Intl and other leading lights in the world of financial analysis, aka "Quants".

Wall Street business information
Interview on Wall Street

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WCS expedites all necessary export shipping documents
...through chambers of commerce and the appropriate consulates and embassies (in Washington, D.C.) for banking and foreign imports. The following countries regularly require legalization of export shipping documents: Argentina, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Nicaragua, Oman, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. Ratesheet: Middle East, South / Central American countries (pdf).

US Embassy - UK
current issues - Europe
Export-Import Global Business-to-Business Help Center - provides international trade directories of 176,000 Importer listings by Region and Commodity; International Trade Training materials including books, videos and computer based materials.

Create your own customized international commercial market research report
At the push of a button, assemble your report. Free, Canadian Government strategis site

Global Business Web
Designed for import/export marketers

Serra International
Designed with the international trade & transportation professional in mind. Founded 1919, Serra has cooperated with Sefco's import/export team with great results.

    PreShipment Commercial Inspection Services
The Foreign Trade Standards division of Intertek Testing Services helps governments, standards bodies, and customs departments to check that import duty is properly declared and paid, and that imports comply with their safety and other standards. We inspect, and where appropriate test products and commodities in the country of export, before they are shipped.

SGS inspections
Pre-export commerical inspection service. Global availability. SGS is the world's leading verification, testing and certification company. "SGS vehicle inspection reports can now be ordered directly from the eBay Motors website by clicking on the vehicle inspection icon." SGS: country contacts
Pre Shipment Inspection - Import Verification
SGS-IVP programs enable the proper identification of goods prior to shipment, with regards to quality, quantity, tariff classification, import eligibility and the provision of valuation information for customs purposes. These programs allow for the correct assessment of import duties and taxes by Customs to the advantage of both government and trade. Since 1965, over 40 countries have adopted SGS programs to protect government finances and/or facilitate trade. Read: Datasheet for Exporters

INDIA (Secondary Steel)12/21/2004
INDONESIA (Nitro Cellulose - NC)12/21/2004
INDONESIA (Precursor Imports)12/21/2004
INDONESIA (Rice)12/21/2004
INDONESIA (Salt)12/27/2004
INDONESIA (Sugar)12/27/2004
INDONESIA (Textiles and Textile Products)12/21/2004
INDONESIA (Used Capital Goods)12/01/2004
INDONESIA (Used City and Suburban Buses)12/21/2004
INDONESIA (Waste) 12/21/2004
IRAN (1)12/16/2002
IRAN (2)12/16/2002
BIVAC International
A fully owned subsidiary of the Bureau Veritas Group. Performance of pre-export commercial inspection services regarding quality, quantity and price verification for all types of goods.
The SGS inspection for most vehicles is $ 99.50, which includes a review of the vehicle interior and exterior, underbody and under hood, along with a test drive at no additional cost. For high-end luxury, classic and exotic vehicles, the inspection is $139. After the inspection is completed, the inspection report, along with digital photographs, are posted online for access by the buyer or seller, depending on who ordered the report.

Sefco Export service for buyers: [ship your car] [purchasing services]
Compare Rates from outside vendors/inspectors for vehicle buyers: [inspection and reporting rates]
HHG/PE household goods / personal effects, export - origin services [Sefco rate guide]
Interested in ordering an in-home pre-shipment inspection for HHG-household goods/personal effects? A professional and complete ESR - export survey report costs an average $175 - upon request. Contact: Sefco Export.

About UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)
An independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organization. "We have tested products for public safety for more than a century. Since our founding in 1894, we have held the undisputed reputation as a leader in product-safety testing and certification within the United States."

want more info? click here

CIB-Corp. for International Business
ATA Carnets, Surety Bonds.

Ruesch International
A leading financial institution specializing in international B2B payment solutions.


Google-based definitions:
HC Harmonized Code - commercial cargo export documents require the HC harmonized code number for the SED Shippers Export Declaration.

SEFCO EXPORT: online tools and shipping resources
See examples of how to complete a commercial invoice, suitable for export shipping purposes.

World Trade Institute - distance learning (NYC, USA based)
WTI Online Programs - International Trade Management certificate program
Internet exchange for bulk shippers and shipowners.

World Contact, LLC, Thomas C. Williams, Managing Partner
Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Sites That Work.
Email: Tel: (203) 966-5408

Get faxes and voicemail by email.. FREE!


Are you an internet-oriented business that needs order fullfillment and distribution in Europe?
Allow us to introduce you to EuroLogistix --over 20-years in the int'l distribution business.
Based in Amsterdam, Holland, with US offices in Bethlehem, Pa.

E-commerce specialists, AG Systems
AGS' e-commerce specialists can handle any function of your business that involves fulfillment, warehousing, shipping products, distribution of products and returns back to you from your customers.
Person to contact:
Based in New Hyde Park, NY - USA

Learn more about our Featured Truckers: Frederick Incorporated (Texas) / Ace Transportation
La Porte, TX 77571 - Phone: (281) 471-5033 - Email: James Frederick

featured article: Ace Transportation
    "Founded in 1982, Ace Transportation has grown in just 21 years, into one of our nation’s leading transportation service providers. Founded by Bill Busbice, Jr. and Jimmy Glasgow, this Lafayette, Louisiana-based Company had 2001 revenues of over $180 million. Ace Transportation has a modern fleet of vehicles to use. The company has as available equipment: Tandem; Single Axle; Mini-Float; 2-ton; 1-ton; Mono Rail; Hot Shot. At press time, Ace Transportation had 1373 tractors, 1373 trailers, and 1511 straight trucks. Ace has over 90 locations in 9 different states. (Those nine states are: Louisiana; Texas, Mississippi; North Carolina; South Carolina; Tennessee; Wyoming; Georgia; and Florida). Almost 1900 drivers work for Ace Transportation, and the company has a total of workforce of 2200."
            [courtesy of: "the place to find truck driving jobs"]

BE ON GUARD = applying technology solutions to meet the business continuity and recovery needs. Preparedness and protection for your business.
Spamlion - tools to help separate the wheat from the chafe.

click here for virus protection
Internet commerce requires protection against harmful computer viruses. The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center's Online Encyclopedia offers the most up-to-date information on recent threats.
Refer to Symantec's VIRUS ALERTS
Includes a comprehensive description of older threats. Search the SARC Online Encyclopedia by Virus or Hoax name.

Read a compilation of internet email scam letters collected by an aficionado of the "genre".

US Dept. of Justice
Guard against consumer fraud. Learn more about "Nigerian e-mail scam" or "419 scam" (a reference to Nigerian penal code against fraud) also known as "advance fee fraud".
Go to:

COSTHA web-based training
Occupational safety, health, environmental and emergency preparation.
Developed by- The conference on safe transportation of hazardous materials.

CPSC Home Page - Consumer Safety
Business information: Laws & Information for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors & Retailers

Safety First
Sefco's safety reference guide
Addressing security related issues.

The East River beat, NYC. Read to ship? Click here.
NYPD keeping watch along the East River, NYC.
Ready to ship? Click here.


Anything and everything, up for grabs.
Find your dream Classic Car - based in Benton, Kansas.
Sefco can export your purchase to practically anywhere in the world.

Commercial Logistics
For vehicle dealers, traders, collectors, importers, exporters.

US Customs auctions
Search the web for the latest details.

US Treasury Department Seized Property Auctions
Provides upcoming auction information, buyer tips, auction locations, and a subscription service program.


US Customs Service
Importing and Exporting

The US Harmonized Code Schedule
In PDF format, 3972 pages. Commercial importers can find US import duty/tariffs by looking up the harmonized code number of the commodity. Exporters can look up the "schedule B" number for your SED Shippers Export Declaration.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States
United States International Trade Commission

Plant Protection and Quarantine
Wood Packaging Materials - USDA guide

U.S. Customs searchable document database
Enter your keyword here for immediate results.

US Customs Import Regulations(cars)
Planning to import your car to the USA? Read this first!
Know before you go.

Forms: international business and shipping revolves around them
UNZ export forms - commercial packing lists, SED shippers export declaration, much more.

US Census Bureau: Correct way to fill out the SED
Shippers Export Declaration; download form 7525-V Required for all US export shipments valued at over US $2500.

AES Direct
Reduce exporting stress with AES. E-file your exdec.


Buy an ocean shipping container through Sefco
Purchasing agents and logistics management.
Rates and further information are available by clicking here.


Foreign Exchange rates
OANDA currency converter

Universal Currency Converter
For-Ex rates

Yahoo Finance
Currency Converter

Euro conversion rates
European Central Bank


National flags from around the world
Includes specialty flags and made to order lots.
special feature > US flag etiquette > get a free flag

Languages, linguistics, translation and interpretation
Peruse our "Expat Connections" to access our featured service providers.

Westchester County, New York Real Estate - licensed RE agent referral
contact: Shu Pei, sales representative

Featured Enterprise

New York, NY Photographer - commercial artist referral
Entertainment Global, contact: Julia Mold - corporate event photographer
Tel: 917-692-5403 [email]

Hartzstone - Marble, Stone, Tile & Concrete.
Restoraton & Cleaning. Servicing the following areas: Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY, Manhattan, The Hamptons, Northern New Jersey, Bermuda, U.S. Virgin Islands and other parts of the Caribbean.

Tel 203.426.0885 - Fax 203.426.3808

        Stone "is". It is incompressible, incorruptible and resists time.


Rotary International
A global network of community volunteers.

Purchasing Agency Services
Sefco's fee schedule for general purchasing services
Please note: currently, only available for company accounts.

Sefco's general inquiry form
Moving overseas? Need to ship your property abroad? Fill in your basic information if you have a new inquiry, or call us for a brief chat. Sefco Export sales: 914-293-7109, admin: 718-268-6233

The World Bank Group
Their projects generate purchases of goods and services, which becomes export opportunities for suppliers in member countries including the United States.

The U.S. Commercial Service is a global network of 1,700 trade professionals helping you to reach your international business goals. Access their website here.

The U.S. Commercial Service


US Postal Service
No lines. no waiting, open 24 / 7.
Online: IRC-international rate calculator and global business-related links.
Look up city/state ZIP CODE associations. Get a postal service rate to send a large package.

Fedex Ground service
Rate calculator Good for shipping small packages up to 150-lbs max, USA-domestic only.

UPS - United Parcel Service
Some restrictions apply.

Do you need to ship more than just a single package?
Sefco Export can help you ship larger sized "LCL" consignments.
Step one: Make a list, including the 3 dimensions of each item (Height x width x depth). Send this information to our main office via email or fax. We'll reply asap. Find out more about LCL-less than container load shipments.


Black Enterprise Titans
CEO's who redefined and conquered American business. Innovation and entrepreneurial leadership examined, creating wealth for future generations.

"Furthering Individual & Community Integrity"
How to promote virtue in the workplace
Offers practical suggestions for organizations wishing to become more proactive in promoting integrity and establishing high expectations for ethical decision-making in the workplace.

Featured Book: Profit with Honor: The New Stage of Market Capitalism
By Daniel Yankelovich, Yale University Press

Capture the Flag
A valuable review of "how to make money" in the business of exporting.

AICGS-American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
German American on-line economic resources

FACC - French American Chamber of Commerce Chapters in the US
Bridging the Atlantic

Czech it out!
special features - Participants in our "Best of" program


Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.


Glossary of Ocean Cargo Insurance terms.
A to Z

Marine insurance Mega-site
24-categories, thousands of links to ocean marine insurance professionals

Paul Marr's Shipper Waterway
18-categories of links to marine cargo shipments and insurance

General Insurance Glossary - the master list of insurance terms.
Learn more facts about insurance and financial services from the I.I.I. Insurance Information Institute

Sefco Export's HHG/PE and vehicle marine insurance
Find out more about TGI Travel Guard International Insurance. Programs for coverage against named perils; all normal risks; declared value; full replacement value and other specifically defined coverages.

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Need help with your search?
Try using: Sefco's search engine helper.

   Peruse our business referrals list:   Including NY, NY corporate event photography
Find outside links, suggestions and useful contacts through our website.

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World Trade Week
World Trade Week, New York City
Photo of Foreign Consular participants (above)
Highlighting international trade in the NY, NJ, CT area

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