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      Maritime Commerce Working Group
              Examine and Review the Issues,
              Promote Better Cooperation
              among Industry Stakeholders
              and Government

        January 2018  |  Issue 1

        Fair Port Practices
              Public Hearing, Washington, DC

        The following is presented
        to help promote greater understanding
        and involvement by Public Representatives,
        Industry Stakeholders and the Public at Large,
        with issues and challenges concerning
        international maritime commerce.

          This recaps recent discussions.
          It's a Good Start.

        Brief, Lively, and Informative

        An Exchange of Views
        Ideas for Policy Development

        In presenting this, our aim is

      • To Encourage, Facilitate and Protect,
        US Export/Import Commerce,
        US job growth, US port use.

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      Full Panel, Providing Testimony

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      Participant in this Discussion:   Joseph Quinn (Sefco Export)
      Email:   joseph.quinn@sefco-export.com


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