Quinn Corporate Services, Inc.

        Rum Runners

        Business to Business Corporate Account
        Our Im-Ex Representative service requires an minimum retainer of USD 2500.00
            Renewable on a monthly basis (LOE/month >12 hrs) or as mutually agreed.
            Our retainer for service is non-refundable.

        Team Builders

        On-going support  >  Research/Analysis and Development
        Under the supervision and direction of QCS Pres., Mr. Quinn
        Individually assigned market specialist, as needed/mutually agreed.
        Specialist consultant rate: USD 50/quarter hour or fraction thereof.
        Billed on subsciption basis (LOE/month > 5/hr)

        Special Services

        Project work is based on a Scope of Service Agreement (SSA).
        Payment details (banking info, etc) and terms
        will be included with our SSA proposal.

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